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NOT SURE IF YOUR ORDER FORM WENT THROUGH? - Go check your email account.  If you got an email receipt from us, the order worked!  If you didn't get an email receipt but want to be sure, check here for memberships.

NEW MEMBER MISSING PASSCODE - Did you forget to write down your new assigned username & password?  Go check your email account.  We sent you a receipt that contains the passcodes.

NEW MEMBER ACCESS PROBLEM - Sometimes our password file updates slowly.  If your new membership is not working yet, DO NOT HAMMER THE SITE WITH YOUR PASSWORD.  Give the database time to update itself.  Browse Bondage For Free while you wait..

MEMBER CANCELLATION - Use this quick cancel form or you can telephone
or email LiveSupport @ verotel.com

MEMBER ACCESS PROBLEM - If your access has suddenly stopped working, check your membership here to see if it's still working and that you've remember the usercodes correctly.
If you have confirmed that your membership is current, and your usercodes are correct, but you can't log in, contact Access Assistance:
Access Assistance - Bedroom Bondage
Access Assistance - American Damsels
Access Assistance - Force Fantasies

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